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Swimming lessons generally take place through the summer term until the October holiday. We ask parents for a small contribution. This covers the cost of running the pool and the tuition costs and is subsidised by the school.

Just a reminder that some parents have still not yet paid their swimming contributions for the Summer/Autumn terms. If you are not sure if you have paid, please ask in the office.

Please note the following:

  • Swimming hats are compulsory and available to purchase from the school office at £1.00 each.
  • Boys to wear swim trunks and girls swim costumes.  NO loose fitting shorts or bikinis/2 piece swimsuits please.
  • On day of swimming please ensure that child washes/bathes and no sun cream or deodorant is applied before swimming.
  • Verruca/warts – swim socks are to be worn, gel is not acceptable.
  • If your child has been sick or has diarrhoea, please do not allow them to swim for two days.
  • Jewellery – no earrings are to be worn in the pool.
  • Swimming lessons are part of the curriculum.   If your child is to be excused swimming lessons for a medical reason, a written letter should be handed to the swimming teacher, otherwise your child will be expected to swim.

Thank you for your help.

Mrs F Rew

Deputy Headteacher

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