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It is a way for children to raise issues and concerns.

It is a structured forum for discussion and decision-making.

It creates a feeling of belonging, and encourages listening to others.

It helps children develop responsible attitudes.





Our School Council is made up of pupils from Years 5 & 6, along with Mrs Plank and Mr Cline.  

You can read the minutes of their meetings, once they are published, by clicking on the Word documents below.



Isabelle, Tom, Tibbie and Henry, our new Learning Ambassadors, took a visit to William Parker Academy to see how and what older pupils are learning. Observing lessons and taking walks around the learning environments helped them understand how a senior school operates. They noticed some similarities to primary schools but also lots of differences e.g. the school was larger than ours and some lessons were different; food technology and art were a favourite. The ambassadors brought back some fabulous ideas that you may see around our school in the future. 

* * *

Last week three of our Learning Ambassadors had the privilege of visiting Hastings College to look at a different learning environment. They observed differences in many areas including: clothes that are worn, a relaxed atmosphere, subjects being studied and lesson times to name just a few. The Ambassadors saw everything ranging from the gym to the kitchens and restaurant where the students learn how to prepare, cook food and serve it in the restaurant which is run by students studying hospitality. The Ambassadors were impressed with both the behaviour of the students and their commitment to learning – something that our own Ambassadors showed in abundance.

​* * *

A visit to Hastings Museum gave our Learning Ambassadors an insight into what it would have been like to be a pupil in the Victorian era. The session started with ‘drills’ (exercises to ‘waken the brain’) and inspections of our hands and shoes – how clean do you think they were? A lesson in handwriting with pen and ink followed which went down a storm as they liked the effect it created. Then they had the chance to be ‘detectives’ and use investigative skills to identify items in the museum from ‘macro’ photographs. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about an important era in our history.


The Business Ambassadors have been sent on their first voyage, into the unknown world of tourism as a business. We learnt about how Hastings has lots of seasonal businesses and about the fishing fleet in Hastings. We had a go at making our own ice-cream (which is trickier than it looks!) We also got to see behind the scenes at the Stables Theatre.


Business ambassadors have been launched into the world of catering and retail! Marcel in Clarks told us that Clarks started making shoes in 1825. Their mission statement is “Perfect Fit” because they are well known for fitting shoes. We also got to see the shoe shoot they send shoes down from the stock rooms! We then looked at Dine restaurant in Sussex Coast College. Rob showed us around the restaurant and kitchen. He told us about food hygiene and about the menus. The selection was immense! Dine is open to students, teachers and general public offering a hot dinner for under £3. They use local suppliers and take on apprentices from the college. They are not allowed to make a profit and if they do it goes back into the college and restaurant. With both businesses they agreed you need to make eye contact and smile at the customers and they need to look smart and be punctual.

* * *

Business Ambassadors have been checking out banks as a business. We looked at Lloyds and Halifax and found out that banks aren`t ruled by hitting targets for sales now and the targets now are good customer services. You need G.C.S.Es in Maths and English and there is lots of progression through the company. You need to be polite and fit (Lloyds is such an old building the spiral stairs go up several floors).

* * *

The Business Ambassadors have been busy looking at ‘services’ as a business. We looked at what type of jobs you can do at Hastings Museum. Charlotte told us she was a teacher and wanted to teach children in more detail about certain periods in time. You can get a job looking after the exhibits and displaying them. Then we looked at the Fire Service. 

The Chief Firefighter explained to us how communication and team work is key and about his journey in the Fire Brigade from the age of 19. He also gave us some tips to stay safe in the home - the top tips were to regularly check the batteries in your fire alarm and to shut your bedroom door at night.

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